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Fish and a Bird

Can a fish and a bird fall in love
In what ground can they be together
Can the fish grow wings to go and live in the skies with the bird?
To leave the fresh deep blue marine feel of water that caress your body as you impel
For the gusty winds in the air that will hamper you as you propel
Can the bird have gills for it to swim and live in water with its love
Leave that breeze in the air that gentle stroke your feathers as you glide
For those water basin that blankets you and immerse you in this immense body of liquid
It’s clear they are a taboo
OK let’s say by chance the fish grows wings
What will other birds say
Can it wing properly with other birds
Or it will be an outcast all it’s life
Even if the bird grows gills to live and breathe under water
Wouldn’t the other fish leave it on its own
Reject of the school cause you are not cool
Can a bird fall in love with a fish?
Birds soar
Fish fin
It’s clearly not meant to be
OK let’s look at them on their own
Who would sacrifice what they have known
All their life
To venture into the unknown
For their love
Adapt to a new thing to please the spouse
Slowly killing yourself cause you bound to love
Kind of like a cheese and mouse story
We all know how that ends
Can love exist between a bird and a fish?

Published by Willmore Mgaza

Digital Storyteller| Youtuber | Graphics Designer | Music Fanatic | Videographer

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