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Poetry – Hugs and Love

Hugs and Love

It felt like my arms were designed to cuddle you
Feel the heartbeat of a subtle you
Hear your loud yet calm breathe
Blowing against my skin
Like warm steam
Then am settle
Like a kettle dismantled from power
Currently hoping you will hold me for another hour
Feeling the symphony of our heartbeats
Lavishing me with harmony
Won’t you sing for me
Hum for me like birds admiring daylilies
Bring no harm to my heart
But fill it with daily blossoms of love
Feel it dance to the sound of your lips
Saying the three words that bound me to you
The soundtrack to our love
On repeat as the words become us
And us becomes love
And love becomes all we have
Your heartbeat plus
My heartbeat
Making Our heartbeats
May we stay in sync

Published by Willmore Mgaza

Digital Storyteller| Youtuber | Graphics Designer | Music Fanatic | Videographer

2 thoughts on “Poetry – Hugs and Love

  1. Well crafted piece , the rhyme is good and the flow is superb , lovely use of metaphors calm vibrant string from start to end …


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