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We rolling in 3…2…..1….To be honest I really need to find a better intro for this! Suggestions are welcomed. Anyways, welcome back to my blog. I’m excited to have you here so that you can hear what I have to say. See what I did there. It’s a new season, it’s a brave new day!

For the greater good 🤗

It’s always nice to get feedback from you guys. I took a few screenshots of some of the most random comments. Will add them here. Also please do follow my profile on Spotify, you’ll definitely find something to cherish there. All links will be posted here

Yes, Valentine is coming. Where’s your lover 😂

Without wasting much of your time the purpose of this post is to introduce a musicality scorecard for the songs that we will be talking about. A lot of articles on music will be published here. So help me God! Even if it’s still two posts a year, it will still be good right?

😂most random one. May my head remain small 🌚

Musicality is simply the quality or the state of a song being musical, which is to say it has a pleasant sound or is very melodious and tuneful. It seemed right to me to measure or try to amount on a scale how much a song can be good to the ears and soul. Audiogasm!

🥺 🥺

The Audiogasmometer is a qualitative measure of a song’s magnitude to pierce through our souls. It was devised in 2021 by Zimbabwean music philosopher Sir W Dube. The scale assigns a number to the song that will allow it to be compared to other songs and for this practice, the minimum value will be a reading of 1.


An increase by one on the scale represents a tenfold increase in the magnitude of a song. Mathematically that means the numbers a proportional to the common base 10. In theory, the Audiogasmometer has no upper limit but in practice, no songs have reached a measurement of 12, and only 2 songs have reached 11 so far.


All of the posts to follow will be using this as the rating scorecard. I hope you will enjoy reading all about the songs and playlists that we will write about. This time around we will be accepting requests. From album reviews to song ratings and artists. Have a great year.❤️


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