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Amapiano Top 10 2021

So… My WhatsApp status viewers probably know that I do a top 10 list of songs that will be themed once in a while, but it’s been a while since I did one. So I decided to add these to the blog as I also haven’t posted anything here in a while. So sit back get your groove on because today we are doing a Top 10 Amapiano songs for 2021

🐸 Meme

No doubt this year could possibly be the best year for amapiano. I know we are still in November, well am writing this in November hoping that I’ll post it in November. I know we are not yet in December but I feel as if the top 10 Amapiano 2021 is already set in stone and maybe we will leave space for one of song, who knows.

So I’ll do a count down now and I’ll post a Spotify link to my Amapiano playlist for this year, your likes and shares would be appreciated thanks. Let’s get into business.

Number 10
This year, my number 10 for amapiano goes to a song released in December 2020 but peaked in January 2021. The song has a laid-back vibe that can make you dance hard on the dance floor with its dynamic crescendo and decrescendo. Also, the fact that it has a light composition makes it soothing to the soul. Dj Stokie’s Superman was a song that got the year 2021 started and probably set the tone for the year. It features Kabza De Small, Madumane, and Masterpiece and is also part of the “My Journey” album which has a lot of nice songs like iPiano eSoweto and plenty more.

Dlala Stokie!!!

Number 9
If I was to do a top 10 Amapiano love songs, this song would probably be number one and I don’t know why it’s on Number 9 because it should definitely be in the top 3 of this list. Musa Keys Vula Mlomo was a song released in the first quarter of the year but really grew a lot. It features the amazing Sir Trill and Nobantu Vilakazi who gave us chills at (3.58-4.48) with their heterophonic performance and not forgetting Nobantu’s amazing adlibs. It is also said that if you think about that special person while listening to this song, your heartbeat will match the tempo of the song.

Ngoba mina ngay’zfela ngawe

Number 8
Our number 8 is none other than the Landlord himself, De Mthunda – John Wick. The sound in this song is so special with Sir Trill doing justice to the beat. You can not deny that there is a lot of dopamine release when you listen to the distinct kicks in this song that are invigorating.

K’shubile kubomvu for ley’ ntwan’ encane

Number 7
By the looks of it now, this list will leave a lot of songs out there but I couldn’t leave De Mthunda’s Jola out. The song has a warm and mellow feel that will leave you considering “umjolo.” It’s the type of song we will still be able to bump to in 2 or 3 years’ time as it seems to have that mature like fine wine effect in it.

Khanda liya Duma!

Number 6
It’s funny how am already left with six spots and there are still more than ten songs that need to be here. I also haven’t mentioned one guy who really had an amazing 2021, probably the best year of his career and probably a contender for the most work done this year. Busta 929 ‘s Mmapula no doubt deserves to be on this list. Busta came with a different sound on his songs and you can probably track his hand on so many tracks. The song has some grand kicks which we all patiently wait for and they are heavy when they commence.

Ai Busta ongketsang!!

Number 5
There is not much I can say about this except that “Masfika Bopha Bopha Bopha!” Its catchy and singable melody is probably one of its biggest strengths that makes it a stand-out song. This song came in so hard and was already a hit before its official release as people were already dancing to it in the clubs. Some will say it’s the best song this year but wait until we reach number 1.

Ipakwaphi leshandis!!

Number 4
We can all agree that we fell in love with Ami Faku’s voice when she was singing Inde Lendlela but we didn’t know that her peak will come from Amapiano. Her collaboration with the Scorpion Kings that gave us the song to Abalele is magical! The symphony and the color she added to the well-composed beat are icing on the cake. I’ve seen people burst into tears in the club with this song. It has a nice tune wrapped up with emotions we really, can’t explain with pen and paper. The song sits at number 4 and could possibly go higher.

Iya Hooo!

Number 3
Our number 3 is a song by Young Stunna but it feels like the song belongs to Uncle Waffles. Adiwele surely deserves to be on this list as it is a well-crafted song with a vibe for days. Its timbre and heavenly hums which were done by Young Stunna will surely take you to Nirvana and the vibrant beat brings about the perfect harmony.

Ngiba ngena ngenduku… Same time!!!

Number 2
Now we come to the crucial part of the list and I know it’s going to cause a dispute and most of you would want to cancel me but nonetheless, my number 2 is probably the number one song for like 60 % of y’all but please hear me out. Izolo is sitting at number two. The consistent velocity in the song from start to finish probably makes it a people’s favorite as you don’t have to wait to reach the climax. The song will probably give you long “audiogasm,” and probably Madumane gave us the verse of the year on this track and the song is just magical from start to end!

Asenz’ ifilimu

Number 1
Most people don’t know it yet but the trick in music, to make a song unforgettable and remembered by masses is to familiarize the song with a particular dance. This is what makes this song unique and that is exactly what the Zekethe dance does to Umsebenzi wethu. There is a lot to talk about in this song from Lady Du’s vocals which are literally out of this world to the amazing structure in beat which is so rich and explosive to Mpura’s verse which is literally the peak of the song. Words alone can not and will not fully capture this song therefore it sits at number one (for me personally 😂 ) .

Blome no Reece!

Below is a list are songs that deserve a mention, although they didn’t make the cut by fine margins and I won’t talk about Asibe Happy as we still wait for the official release.

Felo Lee Tee – 66
Busta 929 – Ngixolele
Mas Musiq – Uzozisola
Tyler ICU, Maphorisa – Banyana
Kwiish SA- Liyoshona
Mr Jazziq – Woza
Pabi Cooper – Isiphithiphithi
De Mthunda – Emlanjeni
Sje Konka, Freddy K – Location
Killer Kau- Amaneighbor

Well, we have come to the end of our countdown and I know you won’t agree with the expert but your views are valid too guys. My amapiano playlist plug is, till next time “asike sithi shwi!”

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