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My Top Ten Love Songs

To the Love of My Life (LOML🥰)

Welcome back to yet another exciting time. Always good to have you here. Before I continue I’d like to appreciate all the visits we got the previous time 🥺. You are the reason we are back here.

We just wrapped up the month of February a few days ago, where love was in the air 🥰. Actually, it’s been 3 weeks 😳😂. Well, I won’t dive into a lot of that. I’ll get straight to my piece of the pie for today.

My task today is a simple one. To do a top ten love dedication to the LOML🤭. Talk about being present in someone’s life 24/7. A presence that’s filled with unconditional love. You know exactly who am talking about right?

According to Spotify for the past 2 years, my 2nd most listened-to genre is Worship Music, alternatively called CCM which is Christian Contemporary Music. Also, I am also in the “hall of top fans” of the genre.

So today am doing a top 10 love songs to and from God, to celebrate His great love that has been visible in my life and will continue to be.

10. Move Your Heart – Maverick City and Upperroom

It’s you, its you that moves me 🥺

I remember vividly the day I came across this song for the first time. I had a speaker on my pillow as I slept. I was probably dreaming and my playlist was on shuffle. I had to wake up to see which song it was. The lyrics stood out for me. Elyssa’s part where she says, “is it a fragrance…” ultimately we just want to move God’s heart and to find out that by just being me is enough to move Him❤️

9. Reckless Love- Cory Asbury

🥺I don’t deserve it

One of the most famous worship songs ever. It’s difficult to put God’s love to comprehension without limiting it and yet somehow this song really does that. What kind of love leaves the 99 to find the one. What if He loses the 99 ? Reckless? He is utterly unconcerned with the consequences of His actions with regard to His own safety, comfort and wellbeing. His love bankrupted Heaven for you and me.🥺

8. If I could have anything- Housefires

A faithful friend of God☺️

The lyrics in this song are soo stunning. We always joke about how these lyrics are dangerous with my peeps 😂. To reach a point where you can safely say, “I can be anything but I wanna be an offering,” that’s the ultimate sold out for God you can be. To love His presence more than any gift He’s given us!

7. Rooftops- Jesus Culture, Kim Walker-Smith

All that I am, I place into your loving hands🤲🏾

I have moments in my life where I really feel like climbing the roof and shouting that I am His, when I think about all the things He has done for me, His Grace, His Mercy, it’s all overwhelming

6. Yeshua- Jesus Image

Among thousands 🫂

Every time I sing this song, even if I am by myself it feels like I have an army roaring with me. It’s a great worship melody, easy to grasp. It doesn’t have a lot of lyrics but the few lines that are there speak volumes!

5. Why- Valley Boys

When I don’t even love myself…You love me🥲

The sound from this song is just different and unique. A simple melody, acoustic and the tone is flat throughout the song. It’s one of those songs that you just start to weep when you listen to the lyrics. We will never know why God loves the way he does. No matter what we do, he loves us and He is the not the type to leave us.

4. Majesty- Michael W Smith

Just as I am 😭

Talk about a pure classic song. I never used to like this song but it was one of those that are sung and played the most. When I listened to it closely. It’s the story of my life where His grace found me just as I am.

3. Used to this- Elevation Worship

We want more of you 🫂

From one of the best worship albums to ever be made. We will dive in on Old Church Basement someday. This song has the right love presence for days. It’s literally a map to get lost in God’s love and never come back. If this is a glimpse of heaven, I can get used to this!

2. Jealous – Maverick City Music x Kirk Franklin

You know my heart 😍

I always think of the parable of the prodigal son on this song. Those times were you thought you really messed up a lot and when you come back, God throws a party for you welcoming you back. That’s how much He loves us. It’s unconditional. It’s pure.

1. Jireh – Elevation Music

So don’t you worry😩

One day I’ll tell you a story about this song and how an uncontrollable fountain of tears sprung up 😂. Everytime I listen to the lyrics of the song (on the chorus “Jireh you are enough”) in as much as we are saying God is enough for us, I feel like He is also saying ( “insert your name here” you are enough). He loves us just the way we are and we are enough for Him.

Thank you for making it this far. If you got to the end of this list, then you are family. I hope everyone who gets a chance to read gets to feel God’s love. He really loves you.

Please don’t forget to check my Spotify. There are some cool Worship playlists there you might like. See you next time. Let’s stay connected. Take care ❤️


Published by Willmore Mgaza

Digital Storyteller| Youtuber | Graphics Designer | Music Fanatic | Videographer

4 thoughts on “My Top Ten Love Songs

  1. Just reading about these songs makes me emotional😭😭 Why is the love of your life also the love of my life??👀😂 Love this list and i love it for God❤❤❤🥺


  2. Aw man this was so beautiful, thank you for letting us take a peak into what moves you. So many of my favorites are here too, definitely checking kut the new ones!

    Liked by 1 person

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